Torison Shaft

Elecon make Geared coupling with standard design are available in Design 1, Design 2, Design 3 and Design 4 wherein distance shaft ends can be accommodated up to N4 dimension i.e. from 43 mm to 408 mm depending on size of the coupling.

For the distance between shaft ends exceeding beyond N4 limit, Elecon make ET type of geared couplings are used to connect the driving and driven equipment. This type is provided with appropriate torsion shaft to accommodate required distance between shaft ends.

ET type geared coupling are widely used in Cement industries, Steel Industries, Pump Industries and Mining/Power stations. The Shaft is manufactured from Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe on precise machinery to maintain the design tolerances. This shaft is designed considering moment of Inertia, Deflection and Critical speed with appropriate safety factor.

Elecon has supplied these type of units up to 75000 size and up to 7500mm length.

The sizes supplied are covering continuous rating up to 115.19 kW/rpm.

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