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About Elecon

Elecon Engineering Company Ltd.  was established in the year 1951 as The Pioneers in the manufacturing of Industrial Geared motors and Reducers, Material Handling Equipment, Mining equipment, casting processes etc. Elecon is one of the largest manufacturers of Industrial Gears in Asia and Material Handling Equipments.

The expertise in the successful production of custom gearboxes for steel mills, high-speed turbines,  naval aircraft carriers, and many growth sector industries is increased by Elecon's acquisition of Benzlers- Radicon Group from David Brown Gear Systems in 2010.

A unit of Elecon Engineering Company Ltd. which is also the 3rd largest Material Handling solutions company in the country along with in-house design, manufacturing, fabrication, component manufacturing, and support system in a Vertically Integrated  Model. 

First in India to manufacture sophisticated equipment for bulk Material Handling and a product range that caters to almost every Industrial sector in India. 

The product solutions include designing, manufacturing, supply, erection and commissioning of our products. 


Create Global Presence in power transmission by innovating and developing products to enhance value and satisfaction of our customers.

We adopt to the changes and meet the challenges by creative entrepreneurship, empowered teamwork, continuous   improvements ,environment friendly practices and optimize profits to delight our stakeholders.        

  • Be present in all the leading & emerging markets of the world by expanding, collaborating and associating with other partners and consolidating our presence in already penetrated markets.
  • Remain “Always A Step Ahead in Technology” by Continuously investing in research and development to cater to new applications, industries and segments as well as improvementofourexisting product ranges.
  • Empower human resources to promote entrepreneurship, team spirit leading to value enhancement for our Customers and Stakeholders.
  • Follow environment friendly practices to protect environment and continuously review and improve products and processes throughout the supply chain.
  • Upliftment of society at large and well being of our employees.