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Ferrous Casting

Elecon is a company with international standards and world-class capabilities, and today stands as Asia's largest gear manufacturer and an integrated solution provider for entire value chain in Material Handling Systems. Elecon started its journey of excellence sixty-seven year ago and today, our business model comprises of complete range of Engineering, Construction, Product Sales and Services; delivering single-point solutions for our prestigious clients. Driven by vision of creating a pan-global presence in power transmission, Elecon has developed a range of products that match the best in the business in terms of quality & innovation.

We take pride in being part of India's success story in Space Technology and Defence sector by executing repeat orders from the Indian Navy and ISRO. Our state-of-the-art production facilities include ultramodern lean manufacturing unit located in picturesque surroundings, which truly portrays the visions of our founder Late Shri Bhanubhai Patel and his life's work.

Industry leader for over six decades, Elecon's Material Handling Equipment division offers quality products and services to the core sector industries in Power and Steel, Mines, Cement, Fertilizer, Ports & Special Conveyors. Our journey towards achieving excellence everywhere and retaining our position as 'most preferred' continues unabated. Inclusive growth, community service and conservation of environment are fundamental to our ethos. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

elecon product Turbo Diaphram
Turbo Diaphram
elecon product Rack Segment
Rack Segment
elecon product Bogie Wheel
Bogie Wheel
elecon product Chain Link
Chain Link
elecon product Coupling
elecon product Spur Wheel
Spur Wheel
elecon product Bowl Liner
Bowl Liner
elecon product Crushing Ring
Crushing Ring
elecon product Mantle Liner
Mantle Liner
elecon product Jaw Stock
Jaw Stock
elecon product Housing
elecon product Disc
elecon product Planet Carrier
Planet Carrier
elecon product Sprocket
elecon product Gear Wheel
Gear Wheel
elecon product Valve Body for Butterfly Valve
Valve Body for Butterfly Valve
elecon product Spherical Valve Body
Spherical Valve Body
elecon product Rotor for Spherical Valve
Rotor for Spherical Valve
elecon product Disc for Butterfly Valve
Disc for Butterfly Valve

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