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Material handling equipment - POWER INDUSTRY

elecon POWER INDUSTRY industry

Elecon from the formation of the company is involved in design, manufacture and supply of various bulk material handling system and equipment required in Power Industry which includes Coal handling systems, Lignite handling systems, and other captive power plant requirements. Elecon offers the full range of equipment that are required in order to run a power plant system (coal / lignite etc.).

To name some of them we supply as follows:
  • Paddle feeders
  • Wagon tippler with associated equipment, Wagon shifter with ejector
  • Inline magnetic separators, Suspended magnets, Belt weighers, Metal detectors
  • Crushers & screens
  • Vibrating Feeders, Apron feeders
  • Conveyors, shuttle feeders, moveable feeders, reversible feeders
  • Specialized conveyors like high speed conveyors, downhill conveyors, pipe conveyors
  • Stackers / Reclaimers / Stacker reclaimers
  • Traveling trippers
  • Idlers, pulleys, gear boxes, couplings etc. as drive components
  • Cable reeling drums used in various equipment for travel cable reeling
  • All auxiliaries for the same including electrical & instrumentation