Elecon’s Gear Division is acknowledged in the industry as the most modern in the country. All machineries and testing equipments are computer controlled, ensuring a high degree of precision in the manufacture and testing of gear components to DIN / AGMA international specifications.

Elecon is one of the very few companies to deploy the 3 Axis Co-ordinate Measuring Machine.

Apart from a large concentration of Computerised Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machines, Elecon has sophisticated gear profile testing machines, full-fledged testing/calibrating lab and Vacuum Spectrometers to check chemical analysis of raw material.

Besides, there are flexible machining systems, a battery of state-of-the-art, quality control equipment, online computerised inventory control, production planning and execution programmes managed using state of the art ERP software.

Deploying modern technology through CAD / CAM in engineering and manufacture on a continuous basis is a thrust area at Elecon.