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PEL ,  Group company of ELECON supplies Metal detector for detection of presence of Potentially demaging metel objects from materila over running conveyors 

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  • Description

    Metal detector provides protection to downstream processing equipment by detecting the presence of potentially damaging metal objects. It is specifically designed for use on conveyor systems carrying materials which contain consolidated or fractured magnetic or nonmagnetic ore, as well as ores ranging in electrical conductivity. The Detector will discriminate between these conveyed materials and tramp metal of any type: ferrous, nonferrous, magnetic or nonmagnetic.

    The Detector makes use of the latest in digital electronic technology. The design includes a number of innovative features: self-test circuits that monitor the performance of the detection circuitry, which when they fail, will trigger a Fault Relay. Wide programming capability to custom tailors the Detector to suit specific application requirements.

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