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Belt Weigher

PEL, Group company of ELECON  supplies microprocessor based electronic belt weighers incorporating the latest state-of-the-art technology for continuous weighing applications in cement, steel, chemical, petrochemical industries and coal handling plants.

PEL belt weighers consist of three major elements:

  • The weigh bridge assembly with precise strain gauge load cell/bending beam load.
  • The belt speed sensor assembly, and
  • The electronic cabinet often referred as the totaliser or the integrator.

Each serves a distinct function in the process of accurately weighing material moving on the belt. Different models of scale carriage are available depending upon the application, scale capacity and belt speed.

  • Capacities from a fraction of tonne to 10,000 TPH.
  • Simple rugged and unitized scale assembly for easy installation.
  • Super precision stainless steel strain gauge load cell applied in tension for highly accurate load measurement.
  • Special trunion bushes to absorb normal shocks and transverse forces.
  • Weigh idler deflection less than 0.025 mm at full load.
  • Brushless digital tacho provides accurate measurement of speed.
  • Fully digital with microprocessor and battery back-up memory.
  • Fully automatic tare and span calibration.
  • Self-checking diagnostics for fault indications.
  • Special electronic calibration facility for frequent calibration checks without handling standard weights.
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elecon Belt Weigher
  • Description

    Salient features

    • Proven conveyor scale software for microprocessor based integrator.
    • Micromate is a true digital device with digital readout, digital processing, bi-directional integration and totalisation and drift free operation.
    • No internal adjustments by potentiometers.
    • Automatic calibration of zero span and selectable auto zero tracking available (in zero track mode, tare is updated automatically whenever the belt runs empty.)
    • Simple one time entry of data and instructions via pushbuttons and keyboard.
    • Bright easy to read display of rate and total.
    • Excellent temperature stability.
    • Backed up by excellent PEL know-how and service availability.
    • Standard execution : ± 0.5 % of actual rate.
    • Special execution : ± 0.1 & 0.25 % of actual rate.


    • Standard execution : ± 0.5 % of actual rate.
    • Special execution : ± 0.1 & 0.25 % of actual rate.
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