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Stacker Reclaimer is for stacking and wheel on boom reclaimer for handling bulk...

For continuous stacking an reclaiming of crushed bulk materials, economics solutions can only be achieved by the use of combined bucket wheel stacker reclaimer. Elecon bucket wheel stacker reclaimermachine can stack the material to form the stockpile or reclaim the stockpiled material and feed onto themain line conveyor.

ELECON Supplied Stacker cum reclaimer with 60 Meters boom langth at JSPL Angul.

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  • Description

    ELECON  Crossed another milestone in our journey of providing highly sophisticated equipments for bulk material handling by supplying more then 150 Stacker cum Reclaimer recently. The journey of provision of combined Stacker - Reclaimer machine began nearly five decades back, with the supply of our first such machine to the West Bengal State Electricity Board at its Santaldih Power Station in 1966. Our machine over all is still praised by them as, even after such a long period of strenuous performance under adverse conditions it is still giving the optimum results.

    Marking a testimony to our commitment towards the technological advancement through which we have been able to provide the industries with the most ultra modern equipments.

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