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Weigh Feeder

PEL manufactures microprocessor based digital weigh feeders as per design of HASLER International-France, incorporating their state-of-the-art technology for continuous control and proportioning application in cement, steel, fertilizer, chemicals, petrochemical and other industries.

Principle of operation:

  • PEL Gravimetric weigh feeder is a variable speed small conveyor incorporating belt weighing and speed control system. The flow rate is held constant by varying the speed inversely with respect to belt load.
  • Set point controller ( a built in feature in all Hasler controller ) allows setting of required rate and provides a signal to raise or lower the speed of the belt.
  • For additional controls and communication facility, required signals are available from the weigh feeder control panel to connect it to a PLC or a supervisory computer either direct or using MODBUS/ PROFIBUS etc. making it a part of distributed digital control system. Measurement of flow rate and control are all through 32 bit microprocessor based digital techniques ensuring high reliability and accuracy to the level of 0.25% which is not known in the industry presently.
  • For materials having sluggish flow characteristic mass flow bins, vibrators, screw feeders, rotary air lock feeders are provided to allow the material to lend themselves to control.
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elecon Weigh Feeder
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  • Description

    Salient features:

    • Fully automatic zero and span calibration.
    • Highly reliable 32 bit microprocessor based controller. with precise temperature compensated load cell for drift-free operation and control.
    • Highly precise vibrating wire load cell with resolution of 1:1,000,000 . No calibration ever required for the load cell as also temperature compensated for life
    • No field calibration of load cell required in case of digital load cell. In case of analog load cell simple calibration with static loads or by electronic calibration.
    • Can be operated from any location viz: local panel, main panel or control room.
    • Precision machined rollers used in weigh zone for achieving high accuracy.
    • Rubber lagged crowned pulley is used to avoid belt slip.
    • Digital speed sensor mounted on non drive pulley shaft to sense the actual belt speed.
    • Choice of shaft mounted heliworm, or worm gear reduction provides trouble-free power at required speed if space is not a constraint.
    • Suitable pre-feeders can be provided depending upon flow characteristics.
    • Rigid heavy duty construction.


    • 0.25% to 0.5% through out the control range of 1:10 and 1:20.
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