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Wagon Loader

To solve the ever increasing problem with handling of bags in process plants, PEL has join hands with M/s. BOUBIELA of France to manufacture Wagon and Truck Loaders. Boubiela have got to their credit, thousands of satisfied customers all over the world manufacturing/dealing in Fertilizer/Sugar/Chemicals/Cattle Feed Plants/Food Corporations etc.

Different models of truck loaders up to a maximum capacity of handling 3000 bags per hour each of 50 Kgs. can be supplied for loading, stacking and lining up bags onto trucks. Wagon Loaders in different models upto 3000 bags per hour are also available. The loading jib is telescopic with 180° rotation and can be lifted by a mechanical or hydraulic jack.

Simultaneous loading of number of trucks as well as wagons on parallel track can be achieved with PEL-BOUBIELA make Wagon and Truck Loaders.

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elecon Wagon Loader