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Elecon is a leading manufacturer and exporter of various types of fixed and variable speed industrial couplings.  Elecon’s range of Couplings includes Elign Geared coupling, Elflex Flexible couplings, Fluid couplings, Scoop controlled variable speed controlled fluid coupling, and torsion shaft couplings. Elecon couplings are well known for their energy efficiency with low maintenance there by increasing the life of gearboxes and motors that drive them. 

Elecon couplings are preferred by the engineering industry due to their rugged construction, simple design, and operational reliably in extended duty cycles and are widely used in multiple industries including steel, rolling mills, heavy engineering, sugar, material handling, mining, coal, power, and more.

Industries Served

  • Defense
  • Power Plants
  • Rolling Mills
  • Integrated Steel Plants
  • Mini Steel Plants
  • Metal Smelting Companies
  • Heavy Engineering and Equipment Manufacturers

Specification Range

Size: 130 to 6,27,000
Power: 0.136 to 2,320 kW
Torque: 0.70 to 6,2070 KNm