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EH Series-EH 180K

Capacity: Max. 28 passengers or goods
Rated Load: 450 kg to 2000 kg
Speed: 0.5 m/sec. to 2 m/sec.

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elecon EH Series-EH 180K
  • Description
    Max. travel height 65 meters
    Max. static shaft load 6,500 kg
    Type Overhead
    Lubrication Oil ISO VG #320, 11 Liters.
    Net Weight Approx. 570 kg (with motor and base frame)
    Insulation class F Standard
    Protection grade IP 22 Standard, IP 55 Available
    Heat protection Available with thermostat or thermistor
    Electronic regulation VVVF.
    Brake Electromagnetic, dual magnet type. DC 110 V, 1.8 A
  • Applications
    • Traction Machine
  • Industries