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EH Series-EH 250K

Capacity: 20 people
Speed: 2.0 m/sec

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elecon EH Series-EH 250K
  • Description
    Feature  Vertical transporation for Various Passenger Capacity & cabin speed.
    Advantages  Vertical transporation with smooth & safe ride in highrise public residence  buildings as well as commercial to match the traffic requirements.
    Techanical Specification  Various Sizes covered with 3 Passengers to 26 Passenger Capicity with cabin speed from 0.75m/s to 2m/s. with roping 1:1.
    Product Application      Vertical transportation  for passengers carrying  as well as for goods.
    Range Fom  3 Passenger (204 Kgs) to 26 Passenger Carrying capacity & for goods maximum 3000Kgs. Load.


  • Applications
    • Traction Machine
  • Industries