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Elevator Traction Machine - ETM 045

In tune with our philosophy to remain a step ahead in technology, Elecon has developed a new elevator traction machine, ETM 045, suitable to carry 6 passengers as a cost effective solution to meet customer needs in this segment.

ETM 045 has an improved electric motor for a smoother ride, and is available with and without pedestal support as per customer needs.

Salient Features

  • Electric motor suitable for wide voltage range.
  • Same unit can be used for DOL and VVVF applications.
  • Integral mounting of electric drive (stator and rotor) on high speed shaft.
  • Mono-block housing in graded cast iron.
  • High speed shaft made of hardened steel alloy
  • Worm wheel made of Phosphor Bronze for longer lift.
  • Electromagnetic brake, dual magnet type operating on 110V DC
  • Suitable to operate on mineral oil. 
  • Gear and bearing lubrication by oil splash from sump.
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elecon Elevator Traction Machine - ETM 045
  • Description
    Max. Load Capacity 6 Passengers or 408 Kgs.
    Static Load Capacity 1725 Kg without Pedestal Support.
    2375 kg with Pedestal Support
    Rated Speed Maximum 0.63 m/s, Reduction Ratio 41:1
    Gear Box O/p Torque Capacity 921 Nm @ Input Speed of 940 rpm
    Motor Power and Speed 3.7 kW/ 940rpm, S.S/WWVF, 350-410V, 3PH, 50Hz
    54 duty, Insulation Class 'F'
    Brake operating mechanism Electro-Magnetic type with supply DC 110V.
    Friction Sheave Size Dia. 530x3 Grooves x Rope Dia. 10 or 13 mm.
    Net Weight (without Oil) 225 Kg (Approx.)
    Oil Quantity 3.5 Litres


  • Applications
    • Traction Machine
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