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Elevator Traction Machines / Lift Gears

Elecon Engineering a market leader in industrial gearbox manufacturing, offers Elevator Traction machines and Lift Gears to meet the requirements of the Elevator Industry. 

In its commitment to offer only the best technology Elecon manufactures its elevator traction machines in technical collaboration with M/s Haisung Industrial System of South Korea, a globally recognized leader for high quality elevator traction machines. 

Elecon has successfully developed elevator traction machines and lift gears to meet market requirements for high-speed as well as high load carrying capacity lifts and elevators.

Range specifications

Load: 200 kg. to 3500 kg.
Capacity: 3 to 26 people or goods
Speed: 0.5 m/sec. to 2.0 m/sec.
Models: EH 080, EH 130, EH 150G, EH 180K, EH 208K, EH 250K, EH 306K, ETM 045