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Elecon has manufactured and supplied Helical Extruder Gear Box suitable to mount vertically offset i.e. Input shaft at bottom and output shaft at top. Gear Box is of moblock type housing with inbuilt thrust block suitable to mount spherical roller thrust bearing. This gear box used for Plastic Extruder Machine Drive.

This is the largest size gear box manufactured in country having a vertical mounting of extruder drive and suitable for drive of 150 Kw. Moreover the gear box are having features like Forced Lubrication System including Motor driven Pump, Plate Type Oil Cooler, Filters and necessary control valve and instruments.

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  • Description
    Features Vertically offset type Gear Box with FLS and inbuilt Thrust Bearings
    Advantages Compact in built on thrust bearing suitable to take care of heavy thrust load
    Technical Specifications Available in ratio range from 10 to 50 and power ratings from 4.7 kw to 1500 kw
    Product Application Single Screw Extruder Drive
    Range Available in ratio range from 10 to 50 and power ratings from 4.7 kw to 1500 kw
  • Applications
    • Extruder Drive
    • Vertical Extruder Drive
    • Twin Screw
  • Industries