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Wind Turbine Gearboxes

Elecon manufacturers wind turbine gearboxes in capacities of 55 kW, 250 kW and 300 kW in technical collaboration with M/s Wind Master of Belgium.

A wind turbine effectively transfers kinetic energy harvested from wind to mechanical energy that drives a rotor, which coupled with a gearbox drives a motor to generate electricity. A wind turbine gearbox helps increase slow rotational speed of the rotor to a high speed motor to generate electricity. Turbine gearbox with 1:36 and 1:17 ratios help increase 42 RPM of rotor to 1550 RPM and 1031 on the generator side.

Due to unforgiving operating and environmental conditions, there are several challenges to designing and manufacturing a robust wind turbine gearbox. The high torque rotor when transferring its mechanical movement to the gearbox, subjects the drive train to enormous amounts of force. The turbine gearbox needs to be designed to withstand these high loads to prevent premature wear of internal components, to achieve longer preventive maintenance cycles and prevent costly breakdowns.