Cooling Tower Fan Drive Gear Unit

//Cooling Tower Fan Drive Gear Unit
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Cooling Tower Fan Drive Gear Unit

Cooling Tower Fan Drive Gear Unit incorporates an extended top bearing housing to accommodate the larger wheel shaft bearing.

Length of the output shaft extension are manufactured to client's requirements and to suit fan hub mounting.

Lubriction is entirely contained by splash and lower bearing dip in the oil bath while oil is pumped to the top wheel shaft bearing by mean of a built in plunger mechanism. All exposed parts other than the extensions are applied with corrossion resistant paint.

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Product Range


Product Description

Model & Type SNU-CTU
Sizes 4, 5, 6 7, 8, 9, 10½
Model & Type CTU
Sizes 10, 12, 14, 17
Ratio Min. 5 : 1 to Max. 70 : 1
Power Capacity 350 kW
Application For cooling induced draft in thermal power plants.