The ASL type gear units are designed as single stage, single helical with horizontally offset input and output shafts. The casing is of welded construction with horizontal split so that maintenance and repair are easy to carry out.

The teeth of the main gearing are case hardened and ground to accuracy class 5/6 as per latest DIN standards. With a capacity range upto 15,000 KW and reduction ratios between 2 and 6, this gear units meet all the known requirements of fast vessels.

The gear units are provided with attachement for power take off so as to drive C.P.P.(controlled pitch propeller) actuating unit, turning gear C.P.P. pump, etc.

The hydraulic system is equipped with various control, monitoring and interlocking devices for pressure & temperature. The built-in multi-disc clutch is hydraulically operated and controlled by electrically actuated solenoid valve. The pressure limiting valves mounted in series impart reduced operating pressure to clutch prior to engagement thereby extending the life of clutch plates.