Elecon- Renk AWS type reversing gear units of standard desingn are available in sizes ranging from 100 KW to 3800 KW and reduction raitios ranging from 1.6 to 7, suitable for propeller thrust of 15kN to 230 kN. These are equipped with two milti-disc clutches for engagement, disengagement as well as reversing of fixed pitch propeller.

These gear units are mainly used in vessels of various types such sea-going, harbour tugs, fishing vessels, pusher tugs, life-saving boats, pilot vessels, ferries, yachts, etc.

The efficiency of these gears at full load works out to be 98.5% at 65° C, and the noise and vibration patterns correspond to VDI guidelines 2159 and 2056.

The casing of the gear box is of welded construction mainly in two parts. The bearing bores are machined with a high degree of accuracy on CNC machines. The external parts of multi-disc clutch are made of case hardened alloy steel. Toothings are case hardened and ground to quality 6 as per DIN 3961/63 with mean roughness value of Ra = 0.6 µm.

The hydraulic system mounted on gearbox is accurately designed with various alarms, contrls and monitoring eqipment for lubricating oil temperature and pressures.

The actuation of two multi-disc clutches for ahead and Astern motion takes place by means of pneumatically operated 4/3 way valve.