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Service & Support - Gearboxes

Elecon provide onsite repair services and assistance by evaluating all leading Gearbox’s health through endoscopic, effective and efficient monitoring systems. 


  • Walk in with your ailing gearbox and walk away with completely refurbished gearbox
  • Refurbished to near original (with latest advancements) for desired gearbox performance
  • Each and every component of your gearbox is scanned under our state of the art testing facilities for materials (in NABL approved labs), tooth geometry/profile, etc.
  • Thorough analysis of failures with comprehensive and appropriate solutions by our experienced team of Design, Manufacturing, Quality and Service engineers
  • The most effective way of restoring the health of your Gear drives
  • Gearbox Re-engineering and development for any applications
foundry-testing-facility Gear Profile Measurement Machine

Elecon Services are equipped with following facilities

  • EOT Crane with 20T/10T/5T capacity
  • Hydraulic Power Press - 300 Ton capacity
  • Heavy Duty Lathe
  • Radial Drilling Machine
  • Induction Heaters
  • Cleaning tank
  • Oil heating tank
  • Air Compressor
  • Test Bed with Motor & Variable speed Drive for No-Load trial run of Gearboxes


  • Pre- inspection at site of existing drives
  • Assessment and preparation of pre-inspection report
  • Collection of operating data for analysis
  • Availability of spares and requirements
foundry-testing-facility Serving of gear box

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Location of

Refurbishment Centers in India

Elecon Engineering Co. Ltd.
Refurbishment Center-Gear
Anand Sojitra Road,
Vallabh Vidyanagar - 388120 (Guj.)
+91 2692 227544
Elecon Engineering Co. Ltd.
S.F No. 44/3, Madurai Road,
T Kunnathur Village, Peraiyur Taluk
Madurai - 625708 (TN)